Roof Insulation

Anti-Con Blanket

Considering a new metal roof?  Consider Anti-Con blanket as a perfect option to compliment your new roof.  Anti-Con blanket, foil reflective insulation is the perfect insulator and moisture barrier for a metal roof.  Sandwiching between the battens and sheeting, this insulation works as a proper barrier insulation and reduces condensation that forms on the underside of your new metal roof.

Anti-Con insulation is available in various thicknesses and Roofing Services Queensland can assist in providing advice as to the best system to suit your individual needs.

Air-Cell Blanket

Air-Cell Blanket is a step above any other insulation designed for use with metal roofs.  It is a non-allergenic version of Anti-con (no fibreglass).  Air-Cell insulation achieves significantly higher R Values.  In other words, Air-Cell Blanket is a better insulator than Anti-Con.  For those who only want the best product, then Air-Cell is the choice for you!

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